Network Leadership



Rev. Todd Buegler
Executive Director
[email protected]

  Catherine Anderson
Director; Formation Co-op
[email protected]
  Laurie Hoium
[email protected]
  Alyssa Engedal
Director of Finance
[email protected]
  Rev. Manuel Retamoza
Director of Program; Extravaganza
[email protected]
  Amy Wagner
Director of Operations; Extravaganza
[email protected]

Board of Directors

Network Board of Directors

The Network's Board of Directors provides visionary leadership to the whole of the Network.  They are responsible for mission, vision, values, goals and strategic plans.  The board meets once a year, face-to-face, and online every six to 8 weeks.  


Network Board Member Terms:

Board Member Year Term Ends Renewable?
Lisa Herlocker 2024 1 more time
Jade Ortiz 2024 1 more time
Dan Fugate 2024 No
Matthew Lovett 2025 1 more time
Kelly Sherman Conroy 2025 No
Heather Hansen 2026 No
Position Vacant 2026 1 more time

Todd Buegler (ex officio)

Network Exec Director  

Kris Bjorke (ex officio)

Interim Program Director;
ELCA Churchwide Office










Network Board Nomination Form for 2024 


Volunteer Teams

Extravaganza Team Leaders Connect Journal Oasis
Anne Corti Dawn Rundman Andy Arnold
Charlie Roberts Erin Gibbons Dani Vogel
Elizabeth Hood Mindy Makant Michael Jannett
Kristina Dernier Johnson Amanda Randall Paul Schmidt
Krystal Lovett   Stacey-Kyle Rea
Nikki Fielder 3rdTuesday Team Terri Robertson
Pam Miles Danica Olson  
Tom Hoegel Adam Butler Formation Co-op
  Elizabeth Pedersen Colleen Windham-Hughes
  Paul Amlin Jessica Liles
    Matt Canniff-Kesecker
    Rozella Haydée White